Building Surveys


A full Building Survey is designed to highlight major defects and deficiencies in a property and advise where there is felt to be a need for additional pre-contract enquiries. The information provided can help in scheduling future maintenance and be a useful negotiating tool. The format and content can be adjusted to suit your requirements and budget and the fee will depend on the age and type of property.

Schedule of Condition

In most cases when a Tenant obtains a Lease or tenancy on a property, he/she will accept some form of repairing liability in respect of the premises. The extent of such liability will vary but can be very onerous and the Tenant may find that liability extends to defects and repairs which were in existence before his or her occupation.

A Schedule of Condition is an appraisal of the condition of a property through words and photographs which can be used to limit the Tenant’s liability in respect of repair.

Schedule of Dilapidations

Where, under the terms of a Lease or tenancy agreement, a Tenant has an obligation to repair and this has not been met to the Landlord’s satisfaction, the landlord may often serve the Tenant with a ‘Schedule of Dilapidations’. This is a list of repairs and may form the basis of a claim for damages should the Tenant continue to be in breach of his or her obligations. We are experienced in this area of the law and can prepare Schedules, if required, and provide expert representation in subsequent negotiations.

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