Valuations of property are required for numerous reasons. As members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, our valuations are carried out in accordance with set guidelines and have the necessary weight for many statutory purposes.

Some examples of the valuations available on residential and commercial properties are listed below:

  1. Sale or Acquisition – Independent advice on market value.
  2. Rent Review and Lease Renewal – Rental valuations to assist negotiation.
  3. Tax – For assistance in quantifying potential liability or as an aid to negotiation in respect of Tax issues eg. Inheritance, Capital Gains and Corporation Tax.
  4. Leasehold Reform Act – Valuation advice to Landlords or Tenants in relation to Lease extension or enfranchisement action.
  5. Matrimonial – For use in connection with proceedings arising out of divorce eg. valuation of marital home and real property.
  6. Asset Valuation – For internal and external accounting purposes.
  7. Insurance Cost Assessment – Reinstatement cost calculations on both residential and commercial property.
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